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 The Church Network - North Central Chapter

Chapter Forms
Click to download the following chapter forms -

Check Request

National Conference Scholarship Application Form

Certification Class Scholarship Application
For the Certification classes at the United Theological Seminary, if your church does not pay 100% of your training fees and you are (and have been for at least 60 days) a member of both the local chapter and the national organization, you can apply for a scholarship through the local chapter. Use the link above for the application form and complete instructions.

Chapter Meeting Handouts and Other Materials

April 21, 2016
HR and Employment Law

October 22, 2015
Social Media in Your Church Community

September 17, 2015 - Accounting Issues Impacting the Church
Presented by Vern Hargrave
Accounting Issues Impacting the Church

May 21, 2015 - Financial Leaders
Presented by Kim Stewart
Meeting Summary
Financial Leaders Ministry Presentation

February 19, 2015 - Communication
Presented by Mike Reiber and Taryn Glynn from Axiom
Meeting Summary

January 15, 2015 - Saving Energy – A “How-To” For Churches
Presented by Jeremy Davis of EnerChange
Meeting Summary
Saving Energy – A “How-To” for Churches


November 20, 2014 - Smarter Technology Decisions for Better Results
Presented by Eric Thorsell & Bruce Lach, SUCCESS Computer Consulting
Meeting Summary
Better Technical Decisions Slide Show
Guiding principles for Four Key Technology Areas
Guiding Principles Framework

October 16, 2014 - Safety and Security
Meeting Summary
Cyber Security Slide Show
Identity Theft Slide Show

September 18, 2014 - Church Law & Taxation Discussion presented by Richard Hammar.
Meeting Summary

March 27, 2014 - Strategic Alignment – Getting Everyone on Board, Presented by Jeff Piehl and the staff of Constance Evangelical Free Church Slide show materials in PDF format


October 24, 2013 - Health Care Reform, presented by Jonathan Cich of Associated Financial Group. Choose a format:
Slide show in Power Point format
Slide show in PDF format

September 19, 2013 - Becoming a Great Organization, presented by Jeff Pelletier of God’s Work in Progress. Materials are below:
What’s Your Style Under Stress?
Crucial Confrontations
Diagnosing the Culture of your Organization
Creating a Great Organization PowerPoint Presentation

May 16, 2013 - a presentation on Emergency Preparedness. Jon Nisja, a supervisor in the Minnesota State Fire Marshal Division, delivered a presentation on Fire Safety in Churches. You may see that presentation here.

March 21, 2013 - a presentation on Emergency Preparedness. Andrew Tomakso took notes, including references to further materials, which you can find here.

January 17, 2013 - Eric Thorsell of Success Computer Consulting did a presentation entitled “Technology Trends of Churches – for Everyone”. You may download his Power Point presentation here.


November 25, 2012 - Class5 Energy and Hallberg Engineering presented thorough material on energy efficiency; download their Power Point presentation here.

October 18, 2012 – Accounting and Financial Controls. At this meeting, a comprehensive Power Point presentation was used. It’s big (20mg), but you’ll find it informative and helpful. Get it here.

March 15, 2012 - Erik Thorsell of Success Computer Consulting made a superb presentation on computer security issues. He has generously made his handouts available for download below:
PowerPoint Presentation
Top Ten Threats
Cyber Bullying
Business Security Foundation
Simplified Business Continuity Planning


December 15, 2011 - CPAs Dave Leininger, Sue Savarese, and Betsy O'Berry led an exhaustive discussion on year-end financial matters; they have generously published the handouts. One is on Charitable Contributions and Unrelated Business Income Issues, the other a Year-End Procedures Checklist.

Other Resources

Discounted software for non-profits: Check out the following links:
* TechSoup
* CCB, Inc.
* Software One
* Tiger Direct
* Genesis Technologies

Dale Van de Loo of Church Mutual Insurance Company has made the following items on Cyber Crime available for our consideration:
Heartbleed & Headaches
Data Theft Risk Management
Protecting Against Cyber Liability
Seattle ArchDiocese Hacked

Frank Sommerville, an attorney specializing in non-profit issues, has graciously made available to use his writeup entitled "Facility Usage - Protecting the Church's Property and its Tax-Exempt Status". It's a BIG PDF file which you can see here.

Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company has an extensive library of materials on safety and security issues for churches; it’s available to anyone; find it here.

Tina Lewis Rowe, who has done masterful presentations on Church Safety and Security, has graciously allowed us to publish this link to her extensive writeup on that subject; find it at www.tinalewisrowe.com/downloads.

We now have access to the Evangelical Christian Credit Union’s Resource Page. Link to it here.

Be sure to check out The Church Network's Resource Page at www.nacba.net/Resources

Twin Cities Area Hospital List - Church people frequently need to track down members in hospital. To facilitate your search, you may download a comprehensive list of all Twin Cities Area Hospitals here.

Lector Pronunciation Guide - How many times have you heard a ley person reading scripture only to trip over one of those unpronounceable names? For instance, how do you pronounce Amphipolis anyway? It’s am.FIPP.oh.lis. Check for yourself here!

People who do not use Microsoft's Office suite of programs are frequently frustrated that documents written in one of these products arrive from time to time. Microsoft allows users to download free "viewers" for Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc., by clicking in the appropriate place below.
Microsoft Office 2003-to-2007 Compatibility Pack. This product allows Office 2003 to read Office 2007 formats.
Microsoft Word Viewer allows customers without Microsoft Word to view and print Word documents.
Microsoft Excel Viewer allows customers without Microsoft Excel to view and print Excel spreadsheets.
Microsoft Power Point Viewer allows customers without Microsoft Power Point to view, display, and print Power Point shows.

Or, if you wish, you can download Open Office; a free and open-source Microsoft-compatible suite. Download this package at www.openoffice.org.

Adobe Acrobat Reader. Similarly, Adobe offers their "reader", allowing people without Adobe Acrobat to read, display, and print PDF (portable document file) files.

Salary Calculator Spreadsheet - You can now easily compute new salary rates, including a single "catch-up" adjustment for retroactive increases. It is available here.

A Summary of Minnesota Statute 317a Governing Nonprofits
The complete Minnesota Statute 317a.

A Summary of Minnesota Statute 272.01 regarding property taxation, especially how it relates to churches obligations when renting space

15-Passenger Vans Everyone is, of course, concerned about the abysmal safety record of 15-passenger vans. However, for those churches that own them, there is a retro-fit that can be done on them that greatly reduces the liklihood of a rollover accident. Information is available from a group called “Van Angels”. Find out more at vanangels.com.

Minnesota OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) is THE resource to answer questions about safety issues. Be sure to check out their web site at www.dli.mn.gov/mnosha.asp.

To download current copies of IRS documents, such as 1099s, w2s, etc. go to www.irs.gov/formspubs/index.html.

Get the current IRS Standard Mileage Rates here.

To get forms from the Minnesota Department of Revenue, go to www.revenue.state.mn.us/Pages/default.aspx.

The Minnesota New-Hire Reporting agency is accessible at newhire-reporting.com/MN-Newhire/default.aspx.

Minnesota state employment posters are available free of charge from the Minnesota Department of Labor & Industry at www.dli.mn.gov/LS/Posters.asp.

Federal employment posters are available at www.dol.gov/osbp/sbrefa/poster/main.htm.

Immigration & Naturalization Service has the I-9 forms available for downloading at www.uscis.gov/files/form/i-9.pdf.

Christian Ministry Resources, Matthews, NC. This fine organization has materials on risk management and church law. www.churchlawandtax.com

Luther Seminary offers Daily Devotions, as well as Stewardship Ideas by e-mail. Sign up at

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) has great pages offering advice on records retention. Check 'em out here.